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article image Si3867DV p-channel MOSFET.

SILICONIX, a subsidiary of Vishay, represented by Braemac , has released the industry's first p-channel power MOSFET optimised for use in synchronous buck converters.

The new device will help designers reduce the size of dc-to-dc converters in handheld electronic systems.

Used on the synchronous buck high-side, a p-channel MOSFET can be turned on with a gate drive that is lower than the battery voltage.

This eliminates the need for extra bootstrap circuitry, simplifying and shrinking dc-to-dc converter designs.

The new Si3867DV offers low switching losses, ensuring efficient operation at high frequencies.

Combining on-resistance of 0.051Ω; with a low typical gate charge of 7nC, the Si3867DV delivers an on-resistance-times-gate-charge figure of merit (FOM) of 0.36, which is 28% better than the next best competing p-channel MOSFET on the market.

In addition to this low FOM value, the Si3867DV has a Qgd/Qgs ratio of 0.7 that eliminates secondary turn-on effects.

Packaged in the LITTLE FOOT TSOP-6, the -20V Si3867DV is suitable for low-current buck and inverter dc-to-dc converters in end products including cell phones, SIP cards, PDAs, digital still and video cameras, and hard disk drives.

Additional applications include notebook computer synchronous buck converters for auxiliary voltages and asynchronous buck converters for smart battery packs.

Future entries in the series of PWM-optimised p-channel MOSFETs planned by Vishay Siliconix will include devices with -12V and -30V breakdown voltages and optional on-board Schottky diode in a range of surface-mount LITTLE FOOT and PowerPAK packages.

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