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Milli-ohm breakthrough for power MOSFETs

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SILICONIX, represented by Braemac , has announced a next-generation TrenchFET technology yielding devices that redefine state-of-the-art for power MOSFETs.

Siliconix is using this new platform to build the industry's first power MOSFET to break the 4mΩ barrier in the SO-8 footprint.

Products built on TrenchFET Gen II technology are based on a 300-million-cells-per-square-inch platform offering a specific on-resistance of 12mΩ/mm2, a 30% improvement over previous-generation silicon.

In addition to its higher cell density, TrenchFET Gen II uses a new stripe topology that reduces mask count by 28%, optimising turnaround and reducing costs.

The first products built on the new technology are the 30V n-channel Si4320DY (LITTLE FOOT SO-8) and Si7356DP (PowerPAK SO-8), both of which are designed to serve as high-performing, cost-effective solutions for low-side operation in synchronous buck dc-to-dc converters in notebook computers, and for secondary synchronous rectification in fixed telecom applications.

Their record-breaking on-resistance specifications are 4mΩ at 4.5V and 3mΩ at 10V - values that are 17% and 14% lower, respectively, than the next-best competing devices.

A high threshold voltage and low Qgd/Qgs ratio of 0.8 offer substantial shoot-thru protection and add to efficiency by providing a good margin for noise and voltage spikes.

The new Si4320DY and Si7356DP provide efficient in-circuit performance that reduces power consumption and prolongs battery life in end systems.

This increased efficiency allows systems to run cooler and thereby contributes to a cycle in which on-resistance and conduction losses are further reduced.

A typical application circuit test on a dual-phase evaluation board demonstrates a gain of nearly 1% in efficiency and a reduction of device temperature by 7°C.

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