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Microcontroller with 32Mb Flash memory

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ATMEL, represented in Australia by Braemac , has announced it is sampling a secureAVR RISC microcontroller with 32Mb Flash.

This product is based on the AT90SC3232CS (secureAVR processor, 32kB Flash, 32kB EEPROM) with in addition 32Mb of Flash for very efficient and secure data storage.

The AT90SC3232CS-F32M is a unique and innovative solution that combines programmability and processing power with a very large Flash memory.

With the AT90SS3232CS-F32M, mobile communication operators have access to a powerful product for emerging applications with an important secure memory in a SIM card.

For other applications, wherever any system requires a large amount of data to be protected, the AT90SC3232CS-F32M provides a highly secure, high memory capacity solution.

The AT90SC3232CS-F32M offers all of the AT90SC3232CS features, a flexible secure microcontroller using Flash program memory to satisfy a user's code modification requirements.

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