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Low voltage MOSFET and analog switch

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article image The new Siliconix Micro Foot devices.

SILICONIX, represented in Australia by Braemac , has launched three new chipscale Micro Foot devices, including the industry's first 12V chipscale MOSFET and the industry's first chipscale MOSFET and analog switch rated for operation at 1.8V.

The new Vishay Siliconix Micro Foot devices use a solder bump process along with proprietary techniques to eliminate the need for an outer package to encase the power MOSFET die.

This greatly reduces the size of the devices required to switch power and analog signals in cell phones and other handheld electronic systems.

Measuring just 1.6mm by 1.6mm with a 0.65mm height profile, the new single p-channel Si8405DB Micro Foot power MOSFET is the industry's first such device with a 12V breakdown voltage and the industry's first chipscale MOSFET rated for operation at a -1.8V gate drive.

On-resistance specifications are the lowest ever recorded for any chipscale MOSFET as well, ranging from 55mW at a -4.5V gate drive to 90 mW at -1.8V.

For applications where a higher breakdown voltage is needed, Siliconix offers the Micro Foot Si8401DB, a single p-channel device with a drain-to-source voltage of 20V and maximum on-resistance of 65mW at a -4.5V gate drive or 95mW at a -2.5V gate drive.

The industry's first chipscale analog switch rated for operation at 1.8V is the new Vishay Siliconix DG3000. This new Micro Foot device, measuring 1.07mm by 1.57mm with a 0.7mm height profile, features an industry-best charge injection specification of 5pC (compared with 13pC for the next closest device) which reduces glitching and thus improves accuracy.

The DG3000 also features the lowest on-resistance of any chipscale analog switch capable of handling frequencies over 100 MHz - just 1.4W - reducing time between charges in battery-operated systems.

Configured for single-pole, double-throw operation, the DG3000 is about a third thinner and occupies about a fifth of the footprint as comparable devices in the SC-70 or TSOP-6 packages, but still offers an order of magnitude improvement in on-resistance.

By combining 1.8V operation, low on-resistance, and low charge injection, the DG3000 will allow designers to implement switching and voice multiplexing applications in cell phones and other portable devices with lower power consumption and in less space than any previous solution.

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