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MICREL, represented by Braemac , has launched the latest in a family of linear battery chargers, the MIC79110.

The chip, which is offered in Micrel's 3x3 MLF(TM) package, is aimed at portable electronic device applications requiring extended battery time and enhanced performance.

The MIC79110 is a constant-current, constant-voltage (CC-CV) type linear charger for Li-Ion batteries, featuring a built-in 1.2A PNP power transistor, a high-precision programmable current setting of ±5% and voltage termination accuracy of ±0.75% over temperature, plus analogue charge rate and digital end-of-charge indicators.

It also features uCap capability, which allows the use of either ceramic or tantalum output capacitors.

The MIC79110's miniature, thermally superior 3mm x 3mm MLF 10-lead package has the same footprint as a SOT-23 package, yet features a thermal resistance junction-to-ambient of only 60ºC/W when compared to the SOT's 235ºgC/W rating -- a power dissipation advantage of nearly 75 percent.

"The MIC79110, with its internal power device, enables Micrel to continue pushing the envelope in terms of integration and performance," Bob Whelton, Micrel's vice president of operations, said.

"By providing ICs that offer enhanced performance while saving significant board space inside the compact, thermally superior MLF package, Micrel is able to offer customers the ability to increase functionality in cost-sensitive, battery-life conscious designs."

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