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High-performance registered buffers

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PERICOM Semiconductor Corporation, represented by Braemac , has released a family of higher-performance registered buffer logic in support for both next generation DDR333 and DDR400 memory modules.

The PI74SSTVF16857 is JEDEC compliant and 600ps faster than anything on the market today.

Pericom's SSTVF devices are optimised to offer high performance to drive DDR333 (PC2700) as well as DDR400 (PC3200) Memory Modules.

SSTVF is designed with a maximum clock frequency to support 270MHz, thus providing plenty of margin to support DDR400 (PC3200).

Other competitive advantages include a minimum Fmax rated at 210MHz, propagation delay performance of 2.2ns (16-bit), and balanced output drive of +/-16mA while consuming less than 10uA standby current.

The new SSTVF products are also backward compatible with current Pericom and competitive SSTV devices for DDR200 (PC1600)/DDR266 (PC2100), allowing superior performance without the need for costly redesign.

Pericom Semiconductor has a complete interface solution for memory modules including a full line of advanced PLL (phase-locked loop) zero-delay clock drivers to supplement the registers.

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