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High efficiency synchronous boost converter

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article image Efficiences up to 95 per cent.

VISHAY Intertechnology, represented by Braemac , has added to its FunctionPAK family of single-package dc-to-dc converters with a new synchronous boost converter that works with efficiencies of up to 95%.

The new FunctionPAK FX5545G206 delivers output power up to 15W at a maximum current of 2.5A.

Intended for point of load (POL) applications in intermediate bus architectures (IBAs), the FX5545G206 will be used where a single low-level voltage bus needs to be boosted up to the voltage needed to drive FPGAs, microprocessors, DSPs, DDR SDRAMs, and other IC devices.

A building block suitable for almost any end product, the low-profile FX5545G206 is a small multi-chip module that provides one layout for all models, power levels, and current levels.

Its programmable topology - which enables the device to power multiple loads such as power amplifiers, microcontrollers, or baseband logic ICs - offers designers a versatile solution that satisfies the demands of the quickly evolving portable electronics market.

The new converter also gives designers the option of using various battery configurations and chemistries with a single device.

The FX5545G206 features power density of more than 550W/in3. It is rated for an input voltage range from 2.7V to 6V and a programmable output range of 3.3V to 6V with low output ripple.

Like other FunctionPAK converters, the FX5545G206 draws just 1mA of current in shutdown mode and features programmable pulse-width modulation (PWM) and pulse-skipping mode (PSM) output controls to optimize power conversion efficiency in standby and idle modes, thereby prolonging overall battery life and end-system on-time.

With 100% duty cycle control for PSM operation, the converter acts much like a saturated linear regulator to extract every bit of power from single-cell lithium ion or triple-cell NiCd and NiMH battery packs and thus deliver the highest potential output voltage.

The converter's 20-port BGA package measures 14.7mm by 12.2mm with a maximum height profile of 3mm.

No external components are required for a complete solution because the converter features a select combination of primary and secondary power MOSFETs, a controller IC, and all required passive components in one package, taking up significantly less board space than even the tightest discrete layout while delivering efficiency up to 95%.

By reducing the number of components required on the printed circuit board for the power conversion function, this fully integrated FunctionPAK device enables design of smaller, lighter portable products while streamlining the product development, testing, purchasing, and assembly processes for OEMs.

A plug-in version is available for prototyping in engineering labs with limited assembly capability.

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