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Heavy-duty, metallised-film power capacitors

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A NEW series of heavy-duty, metallised-film power capacitors with current ratings as high as 150A and very low self-inductance, has been announced by Vishay, represented in Australia by Braemac .

The new ESTA HDMKP series devices serve as low-cost capacitor solutions for dc and ac filtering and for dc linking in uninterruptible power supplies and in power converters for traction and industrial drives.

In addition to exceptionally low inductance and high current ratings, the HDMKP capacitors offer extremely low losses at high frequencies, low ESR, and high reliability and life expectancy in a compact design.

Inductance for the new capacitor series is less than 50nH, and the devices' dissipation factor is less than 8 x 10-4 at a frequency of 1kHz.

An advanced metallised film on the capacitors' polypropylene dielectric enables the devices to offer a high rms current rating, while series resistance of less than 5mΩ allows them to reduce ohmic losses.

HDMKP capacitors are available in six standard voltages from 900V to 2700V dc and from 220V to 660V ac, with voltages up to 4800V dc available on request.

Capacitance values range from 40µF to 1100µF, with a capacitance tolerance of ±5%. Non-standard capacitance values also are available to designers on request.

Heavy-duty resistance to shock and vibration, as well as a reliability rating of 300 FIT, contribute to the devices' lifetime expectancy of 100,000 hours at +60°C at rated voltages.

Devices in the HDMKP series are specified for an operating temperature of -40°C to +70°C at full rated voltage, or up to +100°C at half of the rated voltage, and meet IEC 61071-1, EN 61071, IEC 68-2, and IEC 61881 standards.

Terminal-to-terminal test voltage is 1.5 times the rated dc voltage for 10 seconds.

Capacitor height options range from 105mm to 260mm, with a standard diameter of 84.4mm. The devices' non-polar dielectric is housed in an aluminum/lathene casing with a dry resin filling. An integrated M12 stud at the capacitor base enables easy mounting.

Samples and production quantities of the new capacitors are available now, with lead times of eight weeks.

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