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ATMEL has released the PC7447A microprocessor, the extended-reliability version of the MPC7447A. It is available from Braemac .

The microprocessor can operate at up to 1420MHz in a military junction temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. A low-power version of the PC7447A is also available at 1167MHz with a power dissipation of 9.2W and less than 6W when the processor runs at 600MHz. On-chip power management features help to significantly reduce power consumption when full processing capabilities are not required.

The microprocessor has a 512 Kbyte on-chip secondary level (L2) cache memory, full symmetric multiprocessing support, and a 64-bit bus interface.

The PC7447A microprocessor is available for both industrial and military temperature ranges. Its 360-ball Hi-TCE ceramic ball grid array package gives a high level of reliability when soldered on a standard FR4 board.

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