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Embedded modem family extended

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SILICON Laboratories, represented by Braemac , has announced the addition of the Si2401 to the company's ISOmodem family of embedded modem solutions.

Integrating Silicon Laboratories' third-generation silicon direct access arrangement (DAA), the Si2401 is a compact, full-featured embedded modem providing connect rates up to 2400bps.

Compared to competing solutions, the Si2401 offers customers an estimated 50 per cent reduction in bill-of-materials (BOM) costs, 45 percent reduction in component count, 30 percent reduction in board area and 75 percent reduction in power consumption.

The Si2401 ISOmodem's high level of functionality dramatically eases the task of modem design for the growing array of networked products that require data transmission across telephone lines.

Like all of Silicon Laboratories' ISOmodem products, the Si2401 provides a programmable line interface that is field-proven to meet worldwide telephone line standards.

The Si2401 allows a single modem design to be sold worldwide by implementing simple software commands to the ISOmodem rather than designing unique, country-specific hardware designs as required by competing solutions.

Reducing the board space and cost required to implement a complete embedded modem, the Si2401 eliminates the need for a separate DSP datapump, modem controller, codec, transformer, relays, opto-isolators and 2-4 wire hybrid required by other solutions.

The Si2401 also integrates a 27MHz clock input and phase-locked loop (PLL), which eliminates the need for a crystal in set-top box applications.

The Si2401 supports connect rates up to 2400bps over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in both synchronous and asynchronous data formats.

The Si2401 also features fast connect times, V.42 and MNP error correction support, alarm protocols, simplified AT commands and caller ID detection.

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