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MICREL Semiconductor, represented by Braemac , has released the latest addition to the MIC259x family of hot swap power controller ICs, designed to support various PCI hot-plug standards.

Produced in the space-saving 48-pin TQFP package, the MIC2593 is a five- rail-by-dual-slot power controller that supports all system voltages required by PCI v2.3 and PCI-X 1.0b, including the +3.3V auxiliary voltage.

In addition, the new device provides all major power control functions for dual- slot PCI-X 2.0 applications. It supports +12V, -12V, +3.3V, +5.0V, and +3.3V auxiliary supplies with overcurrent protection. An SMBus interface is incorporated to allow for sophisticated power control and fault monitoring/reporting.

Importantly, this new device integrates all the necessary circuitry for controlling external MOSFETs for the high-current +5V and +3.3V rails. For the +12V, the -12V, and the +3.3VAUX rails, the MIC2593 also integrates all control circuitry, current sense, and power MOSFETs.

The new controller offers adjustable overcurrent timeout, electronic circuit-breaker fault protection, input under voltage lockout, output voltage monitoring, and output voltage slew rate control.

Internal overcurrent detection circuits regulate the output current to ensure that inrush current never exceeds the programmed threshold. This feature improves the performance of a system with highly capacitive loads associated with many PCI adapter cards.

For enhanced system performance monitoring, the specific cause of a fault in any of a slot's five supplies is recorded in internal registers and is accessible via the SMBus interface, offering the system design engineer comprehensive system diagnostic capabilities.

Since system reliability is a key attribute in network servers for example, the MIC2593 has been designed to address PCI power control applications with the additional flexibility and better parametric performance demanded by network system engineers.

For those high-reliability applications that wish to support the Integrated Platform Management Interface (pursuant to IPMI v1.0), Micrel also offers the MIC2590B, the industry's first five-rail-by-dual slot power controller with an integral analog MUX and 8-bit delta-sigma ADC.

In this device, conversion results for voltage and current for any of a slot's five supply rails is available via the SMBus interface.

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