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Bipolar RF transistors with 25GHz transition frequency

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TWO new bipolar RF transistors with a 25GHz transition frequency and excellent dynamic performance have been announced by Vishay Intertechnology (represented in Australia by Braemac ).

The new silicon NPN planar RF transistors are designed to serve as RF front ends for analog and digital wireless communication systems up to 3GHz, including cordless phones, pagers, and wireless network equipment, as well as TV and satellite tuners, GPS systems, and high-frequency oscillators up to 12GHz.

Vishay's TSDF2005W and TSDF2020W RF transistors feature low noise figures of 1.2dB and 1.1dB and very high power gain values of 21dB and 20dB, respectively, providing enhanced dynamic performance in applications with up to 3GHz operating frequencies.

The 5mA TSDF2005W and 20mA TSDF2020W offer collector-base capacitances of 0.05pF and 0.15pF, and a typical transducer gain of 17dB. Both devices also feature low feedback capacitance.

With exceptional low and medium current performance, these RF transistors provide space saving and cost-effective solutions for high volume manufacturing.

The devices' compact plastic surface mount SOT343 package measures just 2.05mm by 1.25mm with a 1.0mm height profile, and features emitter pins that serve also as thermal leads.

Each RF transistor is rated for a collector-base voltage of 10V, a collector-emitter voltage of 3.5V, and an emitter base voltage of 1.5V.

The TSDF2005W features a collector current of 12mA and total power dissipation of 40mW at an ambient temperature of 132°C.

The TSDF2020W features a collector current of 40mA and maximum total power dissipation of 200mW at an ambient temperature of 60°C. The TSDF2005W and TSDF2020W are rated for a maximum junction temperature of 150°C and a storage temperature range of -65°C to +150°C.

Samples and production quantities of the TSDF2005W and TSDF2020W are available now, with lead times of four to eight weeks for larger orders.

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