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Spill Containment solutions from Brady Australia

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Brady Australia  have announced the release of their new spill containment product range. These products are designed with efficiency at the forefront allowing users to keep their employees and work environment safe from unexpected drum spills or leaks. The range includes spill pallets and decks.

The spill pallets are available in two and four drum configurations. The two drum pallet contains up to 260 litres with a load capacity of 1100kgs. The four drum pallet contains up to 485 litres with a load capacity of 2250kgs. An optional ramp (290kg load capacity) is also available which facilitates easy access to spill pallets.

The low profile, two-drum spill decks contain up to 80 litres with a load capacity of 1100kgs. Each modular deck has built-in clips to easily and safely connect multiple decks creating 4, 6, 8 or even more drum storage platforms. The optional sump drain kit facilitates shared capacity across multiple decks.

Constructed of polyethylene the pallets and decks are compatible with a wide range of chemicals, oils and liquids. Key features include solid construction and nestable, which allows the pallets and decks to be stacked within one another. The removable blue grates are interchangeable across all pallets and decks and the large openings provide easy leak detection and liquid removal.

Products have also been engineered to ensure a forklift can be used to easily re-locate the pallets or decks. The spill containment solutions from Brady Australia are an effective means of containing potentially hazardous leaks in drum storage and dispensing areas.

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