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ANY building or production facility can be a dangerous place when the lights go out. Employees need to find their way out while avoiding potentially hazardous equipment, situations and materials. Brady is helping people stay safe during power outages and other emergencies with its line of BradyGlo Photoluminescent safety signs and low-location lighting systems.

The signs glow for ten or more hours and exceed a number of standards, including, ASTM E-2072-00/E-2073-00, ASTM E-162/E-648/E-662, IMO Resolution A. 752(18), ISO/CD 15370, PSPA Standard 002 Part 2 1993 Class A Rev. 2: 09/99, DIN 67 510 (Parts 1 - 4) and Marine Safety Committee MSC.27(61).

The BradyGlo signs are produced on safety grade material and are available in polypropylene or self-adhesive polyester in a variety of sizes. A range of Australian Standard legends are available as well as a range suitable for the IMO Resolution 752(18).

BradyGlo signs absorb and store energy from ambient fluorescent lighting. Our innovative new non-electric exit sign (certified by UL 924) will glow for more than 24 hours taking only 5 minutes to charge. BradyGlo products will save you time and money on energy costs and maintenance checks.

In addition to signs, Brady offers other phosphorescent materials that comply with multiple safety standards and glow for ten plus hours. These products include glow-in-the-dark aisle marking arrows, dots and footprints. BradyGlo tapes are also available in stripes, solids and V- and arrow-styles. All produce an immediate visible message in the event of dark or smoky conditions.

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