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Engraved panel replacement labels made easy with labelling technology from Brady

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article image Engraved panel replacement labels with the Targus T300 label printer

For optimum labelling results Brady Australia  recommend printing engraved panel replacement labels with the Tagus T300 printer.

The Tagus T300 rugged industrial label printer is the ideal printing solution to meet the professional needs for anyone who wants to replace the time consuming option of engraved plates with a more flexible thermal printable solution.

Easy to use and calibrate, the Targus T300 label printer offers an excellent heat management system for perfect print quality and has a resolution of 300 dpi.

Engraved panel replacement labels put an end to the hassle of buying engraved plates once and for all. Engraved panel replacement labels are specifically designed to replace engraved and plotted plates for the identification of electrical components, electrical cabinets, push buttons, and patch panels, etc.

Engraved panel replacement labels save time and money by allowing the printing of name plates exactly when they are required, instead of having to order pre-printed name plates and stocking these. 
Key user advantages of using Brady's Targus T300 label printer for engraved panel replacement labels include:

  • reprints and corrections can be easily made on the go
  • labelling software enables users to quickly turn out serialised groups of labels using pre-defined templates
  • lower priced than engraved plates and no stock of pre-printed labels is needed
  • save time and money by printing on site
  • professional look that resembles engraved plates with a glossy topcoat that looks smart.
Identification applications suitable for engraved panel replacement labels include:
  • low voltage control panels
  • electrical cabinets
  • switches
  • push buttons
  • signal lights
  • visualisation of instructions (start/stop)
  • instrumentation
  • motor control panels
  • manufacturing/production line
  • racks and patch panels.

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