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BradySoft 8 Label Design Software from Brady

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Brady Australia  offers BradySoft 8 label design software that can be used to create labels for multiple applications in organisations.  

Label designing with BradySoft 8 label design software can help organisations manage assets and resources, control distribution channels and stock levels, track documents or manage data records with one powerful labelling program.  

Key benefits include:

  • Labels can be created quickly for safety, tracking or brand identification
  • Safety can be increased and code compliance ensured with rating plates, Arc Flash labels and other safety labels
  • BradySoft 8’s barcoding features allow the user to track inventory, data or lab samples
  • The label design software is useful for creating name plates and push button labels
Design tools for fast label design

No special training is required to use BradySoft 8 label design software that features intuitive, easy-to-use features:

  • Define colours and patterns for text and image objects
  • Create or add Rich Text File (RTF) objects
  • Organise data from external data sources
  • Import data from multiple database connections
  • Switch from TrueType fonts to printer resident fonts
  • Change printer default margins for trouble-free printing

Import for faster, more accurate labels

Information from spreadsheets and data tables can be imported right onto the labels with fewer errors using various functions:

  • Database Connection Wizard
  • Label Design Wizard with intuitive and easy-to-use functions
  • Database tables can be easily created, modified or deleted
  • Custom Query Designer for selective record printing
  • Database Manager Tool for printing directly from the database
  • Label preview

No-hassle, automated label printing

BradySoft 8 Label Design Software makes label printing faster and easier with these flexible options:

  • Analyse labels to locate elements that are not print optimised
  • Create and print faster with business-specific print formulas
  • Streamline the process with control variables for batch printing
  • Simplify printing with five different print dialog options
  • Customise parameters for exporting data
  • Print directly from ‘Find Record’ results
  • Encode complicated labels for trouble-free printing

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