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Brady Australia introduce Re-form and Re-Form Plus sorbents

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Brady Australia  have introduced Re-form, an eco-friendly sorbent made from 70% recycled waste and other cellulose. Its construction offers higher absorbency, ensuring less wastage. The cost effective Re-form sorbent is suitable for lean programmes and eco-friendly initiatives. Configurations available include pads, rolls and socs.

The sorbents are available in two varieties that include Re-form and Re-Form Plus. Re-form Plus sorbent has the same absorbency as Re-form sorbent but adds a grey cover-stock which is suitable for handling foot traffic and wiping applications. Re-form Plus sorbent is also perforated.

Following are the benefits of using Re-form sorbents :

  • Green to produce and green in use
  • The production process used is of recycled material content
  • Better absorbency (tested to be up to 25 to 50%) means customers will have less sorbent material to dispose of
  • Cost savings can also be achieved with Re-Form sorbents as recycled materials are less expensive
  • No need to sacrifice fire safety when using Re-Form sorbents as the product meets NFPA Class A Fire Retardancy standards

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