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Range of chemical products from Bracton Industries

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Bracton Industries  provides the Australian market with a wide range of chemical products that can be used for cleaning, leakage testing and polishing applications. Bracton Industries offers the Beerline range of cleaning chemicals that are zero degrees brewery approved and are ideal for glycol systems and ice banks. They are used to remove beerstone and bacteria from beerlines.

DP1 & DP2 is the two part beerline disinfecting solution from Bracton Industries. Single pack beerline cleaners that can be mixed at night and used in the morning are also provided by Bracton Industries. They also have the secondary utility of glass soaking. The Bracton Low Ph beerline cleaner is a special beerline cleaner that is less aggressive on the skin and avoids the danger associated with accidental contact or consumption.

Bracton Industries also offers a variety of test papers for usage in breweries. Test papers from Bracton Industries are convenient and simple to use and turn blue in alkaline solutions. Glasswash concentrates from Bracton Industries are ideal for both hand and machine glasswashing.

Special concentrates that prevent fungal and mould growth in machines are also offered by Bracton Industries. Bracton Cellarguard is another product that is a two part system with hospital grade disinfecting qualities and no detrimental effects.

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