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Selecting the right tractor for landscaping and farming work

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Traditionally employed as farming equipment for tilling or ploughing large fields, tractors in their modern versions are designed and manufactured for versatility in function.  

Tractors are today available in numerous models and options to perform jobs ranging from simple gardening and landscaping through to highly specialised farming tasks.  

This article provides a few important tips on selecting the most appropriate tractor for any application.  

Examine requirements  

The buyer must be absolutely sure about the specific applications that the tractor will be employed in before making a selection of the model.  

For instance, there are subcompact and compact tractors available for gardening or landscaping jobs, which can efficiently perform a variety of tasks ranging from lawn mowing to more heavy-duty landscaping. These tractors can also be used with appropriate implements to perform tasks such as digging, hauling or ploughing on the farm.  

Utility or diesel tractors are recommended for more complex and large farming jobs such as tilling, ploughing and planting fields. Tractor models that allow for implements to be easily installed can perform other jobs such as loading and excavating.  

Assess the tractor’s value for money  

Buying a tractor involves a significant investment and one must ensure it delivers value for money. There are several tractor models that combine advanced features in a single tractor, and are well-equipped to perform a large variety of tasks.  

An economy model is recommended if the tractor is to be used infrequently.  

Consider the working conditions of the tractor  

If landscaping or farming work is to be done all year round, a tractor that has the size, power and versatility to take on jobs of all sizes regardless of the season or weather is recommended. These tractors may also come with a fitted fully sealed cabin to provide excellent vision in all directions as well as air-conditioning and heating, ensuring operator comfort.  

Tractors with fatigue-reducing features are also available to suit the needs of operators working for extended periods of time.   

Type of terrain that the tractor will be running on is also a key consideration. While some tractors are built to perform well on grassy, soft or wet surfaces, there are models that will work best on rough terrain in addition to machines equipped to perform on any surface.  

Consider the horsepower  

Horsepower is the measurement of power exerted by the tractor’s engine to move the tractor forward, and gives an overall indication of the power of the tractor. Tractors in a 10hp to 30hp range are ideal for gardening, landscaping or simple farming jobs while higher horsepower is needed for tougher farming, excavating or load carrying jobs.  

Safety features  

Tractors are extremely powerful heavy equipment, and it is imperative for buyers to evaluate the safety features in any model before making a decision.  

Ideally, a demonstration of the installed safety features will help the buyer decide on the tractor’s safety factor and whether the tractor is designed to the relevant safety standard for the required application.  

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