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How to choose the most suitable loader bucket, by Boya Equipment

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Boya Equipment gives expert advice on how to choose the right bucket to suit different loaders and work applications. By choosing the right loader bucket it is possible to save workshop space and money whilst increasing efficiency.

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the most suitable bucket for a loader. These factors include:

  • general purpose of loader,
  • number of different job types, and
  • type and weight of materials being transported.
Below are details of the more common buckets that can be attached to the front end of loaders and the applications that they are best suited to:
  • general purpose (GP) bucket - GP buckets are the most commonly used and will generally be supplied with the purchase of a loader. The GP bucket has a comparatively low weight and its design makes it the most efficient tool for the loading and unloading of loose materials. They are usually designed to hold half the tipping load of the loader. GP buckets are recommended for soil yards. Important features to look for are a reversible cutting edge, straight bucket side plates and a true waterline shape.
  • 4-in-1 bucket - these buckets feature an opening jaw and are very versatile on the job site, however the buckets are limited by their comparatively heavy weight, smaller volumes capacity and higher maintenance. The 4-in-1 bucket is perfect for earthmoving or maintenance contractors. They can perform the loading job of a regular bucket or be opened up to use the back as a bulldozer blade for smoothing off roads as well as replacing clamshells for grabbing logs and stones.
  • rake bucket - these buckets have tines or prongs and a grapple for clamping materials into the bucket. The rake bucket is ideal for arborists as a more efficient tool than a regular dirt bucket. A greenwaste grab can be attached to the front of the rake bucket, allowing arborists to quickly grab logs of any size
  • light materials bucket - these buckets are manufactured for moving lighter materials. They have a capacity of at least 2 times the volume of a GP bucket and 3 times that of a 4-in-1 bucket.Care must be taken when managing loads because their centre of gravity moves farther away from the driver.  
Boya Equipment employs experienced and well trained staff who will be happy to give advice on choosing the most suitable loader and loader bucket for any application. If the General Purpose bucket is not suitable it is possible to discuss other options.

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