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Choosing the right tyre for loaders

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According to Boya Equipment , selecting the right tyre for a loader is the best way to ensure the machine operates effectively and remains in top working condition.  

Available in different types, loaders are typically used to collect, shift or carry materials such as sand, gravel, soil, rocks, asphalt, dirt and debris, often onto a truck for transport.  

Involving a significant investment, loaders need to be fitted with the right tyres, enabling them to perform efficiently and save money in operating costs and downtime.  

Selecting the right tyre from the different types available for front end loaders, skid steers, backhoes or forklifts depends on the different terrains where the machines are operated.  

While lug tyres are ideal for traction, smooth tyres are suitable for sandy or grassy surfaces and skid tyres are great for concrete.  

It is important to note however, that all tyre types are a compromise between traction, strength and wearing ability. There is no single, perfect tyre for the entire lifespan and workload of a loader, especially if it is used on a hard surface one day and a sensitive surface the next.  

It is therefore advised that tyres are selected based on the working surface.  

Additionally, skid steers are unable to use many of the tyre options discussed in this article since the skidding of the machine puts a lot of pressure on a lug tyre, potentially ripping off the tyre’s casing.  

Compact articulated loaders are a superior choice because a wider variety of tyre options can be used in various demanding applications.  

Lug tyres  

  • Also known as AS Tread, works best for traction 
  • Deepest lugs give the best traction and self-cleaning ability 
  • Lowest amount of tread in contact with the terrain, making it wear very quickly on concrete surfaces 
  • Poor choice for sensitive surfaces as it has the highest ground pressure     
Industrial lug tyres
  • MPT tyres are multi-function tyres 
  • Suitable for concrete surfaces and soft soil 
  • Ideal for running the loader on public roads     
Turf pattern tyres
  • May be used for hard concrete surfaces and also for sensitive surfaces such as lawns and grassy areas 
  • Highest amount of tread in contact with the working surface with very low ground pressure, making it efficient on concrete 
  • Tyre shoulders are soft, evenly distributing weight as the machine steers to minimise damage to sensitive surfaces     
Skid steer tread tyres
  • Heavy duty tyres with rim guards and high ply rating 
  • Works best on 50% traction and 50% hard surface 
  • Only available in smaller sizes, making it ideal for small compact wheel loaders 

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