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Waveform data acquisition made easy

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WAVEVIEW for Windows is a new data acquisition package developed by Eagle Technology, and available from Australian distributor Boston Technology .

It supports the Eagle Technology PCI range of personal computer plug-in cards.

The software is bundled with all Eagle Technology compatible hardware. This includes the PCI-703, PCI-703S, PCI-766 and PCI-800 series.

WaveView keeps the functions of its predecessor and includes more. One important difference is that it is now Microsoft Windows-based.

The WaveView for Windows software package is based on collecting and analysing data. Basically, two modes of operation are supported, scope mode and chart recording. WaveView can also be used as a waveform generation tool, or a digital power supply controller.

The software is extensively configurable, easy to use and quick to learn, with most functions able to be performed using a mouse.

When running in scope mode data can be viewed on screen in realtime on a voltage versus time graph. The PCI-703 and PCI-703S is supported by the scope mode. This fast sampling mode (up to 400kHz) only supports analogue inputs.

Other features, like triggers and clock sources, relate to the specific hardware in use. WaveView also supports software triggers and software events.

While sampling, data can be streamed to disk for later reuse. Any number of channels, up to 64, can be added to the channel list. General functions like scrolling, zooming and printing are supported.

There is also an option for exporting data or graphs to popular standards like a bitmap image or CSV data file. Data can also be analysed by doing a Fast-Fourier-Transform. Data streamed to disk can be loaded and reviewed.

The chart recorder can be used in processes where realtime data is not essential. The rate is set in seconds and can be up to a few hours. Sources include digital inputs, counter readings and analog inputs. More than one card can be used at a time.

The chart recorder can be used to connect to many different instruments like alarm sensors, positioning sensors, temperature probes, flow meters and a few types of transducers.

Each input can trigger an event that generates an alarm condition. Digital outputs can be connected to alarm or event conditions. Data can be stored on disk and alarms and various events can be logged to file.

Waveform generation is a very simple process. A preset wave can be selected and its parameters specified, or it can be loaded from disk.

The software will give a preview of the waveform and once loaded it can be started or stopped. WaveView can also function as a digital power supply with a ten-deep value preset facility. The digital power supply is easy to operate and will suit most laboratory environments.

Future development includes the possibility of support for DDE, OPC and ModBus+. The recorder mode will be used to setup specific channels from various hardware sources, and by enabling the appropriate server it can be linked to a third party application.

This will include alarm event monitoring and switching via the digital input/output system, transducer output monitoring via the analog input system, and frequency or rpm readings via the counter-timer sub-system.

With these available interfaces WaveView will support scada, HMI and other custom control interfaces.

Operating system support includes Microsoft Windows 98 and later. Linux will be supported in the near future.

For evaluation purposes, interested parties may download the demo version from the Eagle Technology website: www.eagledaq.com - or request a software CD-ROM from Australian distributor Boston Technology via email sales@bostontech.net

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