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Boscotek tool storage cabinets available from Bosco Storage Solutions

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article image Improved automotive workshop efficiency with Boscotek tool storage cabinets

The Boscotek range of tool storage cabinets, manufactured by Bosco Storage Solutions , is designed to maximise the use of automotive service and parts workspace, improve accessibility and provide flexibility with greater security for valuable tools and parts.

Boscotek mobile tool storage cabinets provide a suitable storage solution for workshops where tools and equipment need to be moved between areas. Boscotek mobile tool storage cabinets can be simply wheeled out to the vehicle for maximum convenience.

Most automotive service and parts departments now realise that they can maximise their profits by being organised. Boscotek tool cabinets provide a reduction in the time spent looking for tools and parts, provide a secure home for expensive tools and parts and eliminate the loss of tools and parts that can result from haphazard storage.

Tool storage cabinets can be integrated with workbenches to provide a complete solution. Boscotek tool storage cabinets and steel workbenches are suitable for heavy-duty applications with a wide range of features and accessory options.

Flexible configuration options ensure Boscotek tool storage cabinets can be custom built to meet specific user requirements. An extensive range of drawer configuration accessories creates flexible internal drawer arrangements. The full extension telescopic drawer runner option available for Boscotek tool storage cabinets provides full drawer access. Boscotek tool storage cabinets also feature an anti-tilt system to ensure workers’ safety.

The Boscotek industrial range also includes:

  • Line feed trolleys
  • Louvre panels
  • Workbenches
  • Storage cabinets

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