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Wireless Discussion System from Bosch

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Bosch Security Systems is introducing its Wireless Discussion System to the Australian market. The new system employs advanced wireless technology and complements Bosch’s Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation system. The introduction of the DCN Wireless Discussion System is a milestone in meeting the continuing demand for innovation in the use of wireless technology in modern congress systems.

  • Fast and flexible mounting of unique Wireless Access Point (WAP) send/receive unit
  • Removable battery packs for rapid recharging
  • Easy to install and operate with no impact on location
  • Voting and Synoptic Microphone Control SW available

The Wireless Discussion System comprises two main elements, a Wireless Access Point (WAP) unit and three different types of wireless Discussion Units. With minimal time required for set-up or break-down, multiple events can take place in sequence, meaning better and more effective use of space. The discussion system can be installed, rearranged and operated with virtually no impact on the integrity of a historical location. There is no need to worry about damaging antique decoration, or affecting the aesthetics of a grand hall.

The DCN Wireless Discussion System combines fast set-up of tabletop

Discussion Units in discussion rooms with separate battery packs for easy and rapid recharging (only three hours) and changing. The long-life lithium-ion batteries can be charged at up to five at a time with the Bosch charging unit and multiple charging units can be cascaded.

The new wireless discussion system is specially designed for multi-use venues, particularly where rapid set-up and dismantling are needed for different configurations and number of participants. Up to 150 of Bosch’s attractively designed table-top Discussion Units can be quickly placed anywhere and rearranged to suit a change of configuration.

The WAP unit, which received an award for design excellence by the 2006 European iF (Industrie Forum)jury, can be wall or ceiling mounted. Wireless Discussion System can also be simply placed on a tripod stand in the most convenient position in the meeting hall. The WAP unit’s signal has an effective range of 30 meters, usually adequate for a conference venue with up to 150 participants, depending on the seating configuration.

Three versions of the wireless Discussion Unit are available. The basic version allows one delegate to talk and listen; a second version is designed for two delegates, while a third version has voting functionality. All three versions can be easily converted into a Chairman Unit by adding a priority button and throwing a switch. Easily interchangeable long- and short-stem microphones are available. Discussion Units are protected against interference from other devices such as mobile phones or those that use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or microwave signals.

The DCN Wireless Discussion System is controlled by Windows-based Congress Control Software, which is easy to install and operate. Discussion Unit icons in the synoptic control interface are simply assigned to operating functions. The software allows operators to view the status and key functions of each Discussion Unit. If voting units are used, results can be shown on large-screen display and logged. The software is optimized for touch-screen control with multi-lingual graphical user interface (GUI).

The new system supports simultaneous interpretation via Bosch’s Integrus

Digital Infra-Red (IR) Language Distribution System. Connection of an Integrus transmitter to the DCN Wireless Discussion System Central Control Unit (CCU) is made via an innovative, thin fiber-optic cable. The cable is part of the system’s optical backbone that connects the WAP unit to the CCU. The backbone also connects Bosch’s Audio Expander to enable external seamless sending or receiving of analogue and digital audio. A further connection facility is based on CobraNet technology to allow multiple high-quality digital audio and control data to be distributed via a network, such as a LAN.

High-level security of wireless communication is ensured by Bosch’s digital protection technique. The system features automatic subscription blocking. Further subscriptions are prevented, even if the administrator forgets to close the subscription process.

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