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VIP X1600 CCTV camera video encoder from Bosch

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The Bosch VIP X1600 is a modular, high-performance CCTV camera video encoder. Each VIP X1600 is a 4x4 unit that accommodates up to four hot-swappable modules, each with four analogue audio/video inputs. Video-audio modules are also available.

Having a modular construction, expanding a system is simple and low cost. Simply plug in additional video or video-audio modules at any time, without interrupting the operation of existing channels.

The VIP X1600 delivers real-time MPEG-4 video over IP at a rate of 25 images (PAL) or 30 images (NTSC) per second at 2CIF or 2/3 D1 resolution, but is also capable of providing 4CIF/Full D1 resolution at 12.5/15 images per second for every video channel.

One can view the video on a PC using VIDOS, Bosch’s comprehensive video management system software. The user can also use Bosch’s IntuiKey keyboard. For maximum accessibility, the video can also be viewed in a simple web browser.

The VIP X1600 supports external storage either directly attached to the unit (Recording at the Edge) or across the IP network to a centralised network video recorder (NVR).

For Recording at the Edge, the iSCSI RAID can be directly attached to the VIP X1600 to make the system’s recording performance totally independent of the network’s performance. The iSCSI RAID storage enables the VIP X1600 to act as a conventional DVR and stream high-performance live video across the network.

Alternatively, the VIP X1600 can record centrally by sending the IP video to VIDOS-NVR, Bosch’s IP NVR software and hardware suite. VIDOS-NVR offers Automatic Network Replenishment (ANR), the unique and patent-pending ability to provide uninterrupted NVR recordings, even during temporary network outages.

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