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Solution 16plus security panel from Bosch

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Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet local requirements, the Solution 16plus panel offers an extensive feature list including integrated proximity, numerous wirefree options, Hi-speed Windows programming software and arguably the simplest user-installer interface on the market.

Fully menu text programmable

At the heart of the system is the Bosch graphic code pad, which incorporates one of the most comprehensive displays available. The large back lit LCD display uses pixel technology to graphically display all system conditions at a glance.

Programmable features and options are displayed using simple text menus, allowing the system to be programmed and configured, practically without referring to the manual. At all times the user and installer are prompted in plain English text, clearly identifying the current operating mode and enhancing feedback for trouble free and simple operation.

Variable font sizes are used depending on the situation, with important information being displayed in a large bold font, while up to four lines of text can be displayed when more detailed information is required.

The stylish Keypad will blend with the many discerning of interior designs and can be used with or without the hinged door according to individual customer taste or requirements.

Display screens can be customised to show the Installer name, logo or contact information when the system is in idle mode. In this way the installer’s phone number is always handy to the user when required.

Illuminated rubber keys allow for easy identification and operation in all lighting conditions, while red and green indicators provide easy identification of armed and disarmed modes from a distance.

The in-built sounder provides audible feedback via distinctive signalling tones during system operation. The sounder volume is programmable and also emits a siren sound during alarm / fire conditions.

Feature rich

The Solution 16plus includes all the standard security features you expect from a panel in this class. Up to 48, variable length PIN codes can be assigned and each user can also be assigned an RF keyfob and token if required. Schedules allow you to control who accesses the system and when.

Reliable DTMF remote control allows easy remote arming of the system using a touch tone phone.

Proximity codepad

An enhanced version of the Bosch Graphic Codepad incorporates a built-in proximity reader allowing users to simply present their token to the codepad to arm/disarm and or unlock a door. Children and the elderly will find this feature extremely easy to use, as no PIN codes are required for operation. A maximum of 8 code pads in any combination (proximity enabled or not) are available per system.


The Solution 16plus supports up to 4 individual areas/ partitions, with no restriction on the number of individual zones that can belong in an area.

A common area can be configured to allow users to access a common codepad, which is especially useful in multi-tenant situations.

All graphic codepads are area aware and include area icons, so no need to purchase dedicated area or master codepads when partitioning. This flexibility allows a user with the appropriate authority to view and operate other areas, which they can access from any codepad.


The Solution 16plus can be expanded to 16 wired or wireless zones using zone expanders and/or serial radio receivers. The panel supports multi-vendor wireless devices, allowing you to select the many appropriate products for each installation. 4 state monitoring is accessible when an 8 zone expander is used with the panel.

This flexibility also allows you to expand a system without the need to consider replacing existing security equipment. Hand-held Key-fob Transmitters are available to arm and disarm the system or control a garage door or security gates.

Reliable Performance

The Solution 16plus includes an integrated high efficiency 1 Amp power supply with battery pulse charger, which provides ample ancillary power from a standard plug pack transformer.

Three, Hi-Current, fault tolerant programmable outputs and one form C relay output are provided as standard with the ability to expand outputs to a maximum of 4 in total if required.

All power terminals are protected with maintenance free resetting fuses, and all LAN based modules have integrated voltage and temperature diagnostic capability, which can also be remotely interrogated for optimum convenience.

Service and test interval timers are included, allowing to set appropriate time intervals for walk testing and service call reminders.

Flexible reporting options

CID, SIA, DOMESTIC and SMS Text Reporting formats are all standard out of the box and the dual reporting feature allows to select which reports are sent to which route and in what format.

Open/close reporting can be selected individually for each user and area on the panel, allowing the owner to monitor cleaner access, children returning home from school, or access to a particular restricted area - all via a mobile phone with SMS text reports, or via email on your PC. All messages clearly detail the specific event, including time and date stamp.

CLI Intelli - Connect

CLI Intelli-connect function virtually eliminates end user call pick-up, while establishing a remote programming session by answering the incoming call immediately if the installers CLI number is recognised by the panel.

SolutionLink Hi-Speed upload/download

Solution 16plus can be programmed either via the codepad or using a PC loaded with SolutionLink software.

Built on SQL database technology, the Windows based SolutionLink software offers single and multi-user operation, with the ability to control the functions each operator can perform via programmable authority levels.

All programming options and parameters are organised to closely reflect the panel’s menu structure, which reduces learning time and improves efficiency. Reports generated in SolutionLink can be sent directly to any Windows printer, or to industry standard PDF format, making it easy to send reports to customers or the control room.

SolutionLink provides both a summary and a detailed view for all of the main programming options. In the Detailed View, focus is applied to a specific input, user, area or output. The summary view provides an overview of the programming for all inputs, users, areas and outputs in a spreadsheet style, making it easy to see programming configuration across the entire system.

Telephone line fail monitor

A telephone line fault will register when the system detects that the telephone line has been disconnected from the control panel. The system can be programmed to sound if the telephone line is cut while the panel is armed.


A range of add-on accessory modules are available allowing you to customise the installation to suit your user’s requirements. These include;

  • CM104 8/16 zone expander
  • 4 or 8 way relay expanders
  • Cm105 multi RF receiver interface
  • CM120 1 AMP power supply
  • Conettix ITS-300GSM Transeiver
  • Conettix IP C900V2 module
  • Proximity cards and tokens

Quality assured

Bosch products are manufactured in Australia using AS/NZS ISO9001 Quality Management Systems to ensure long term performance and reliability.


  • Prox Keypads - Up to 8 Per System
  • C.L.I. Enabled Intelli-Connect
  • Real Time Clock
  • Digital contrast and brightness control
  • SolutionLink programming software
  • CID, SIA, domestic, voice, SMS reports
  • Time and date static keypad display
  • Call forward on / call forward off
  • Senior watch
  • Attractive modern keypad design
  • Temperature display
  • Zone pulse count
  • Dual reporting
  • Keypad tamper option
  • Fire alarm verification
  • Siren beep & or strobe flash for keyfob
  • Remote diagnostics
  • 8 internal door controls
  • Totally fuseless design
  • Owner test reminder time
  • Service reminder time
  • Away and 2 part operating modes
  • True 1 Amp power supply
  • Pulse battery charger built-in
  • Customisable keypad screen saver
  • Auto arming by area or system
  • Auto adjust time for daylight saving
  • Remote arming
  • Chime alarm
  • Automatic battery testing
  • Distinctive siren tone for fire alarms
  • Open / close reports by user
  • Dual reporting by event type
  • Multi-vendor wireless compatible
  • Fire, panic and medical alarm triggers
  • Auto arm pre alert
  • Programmable eol resistor value
  • Single key quick arm function
  • Unique graphical user interface
  • Status icons display at all times
  • 8 digit PIN Codes for high security
  • Interactive voice control and status
  • Sensor watch
  • Telco line fails detection
  • Automatic smoke detector reset
  • Dedicated on, off and part keys
  • Multi language interface

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