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Praesideo from Bosch for emergency and public address

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Praesideo from Bosch combines both public address and emergency functionality. Yet it is much more than just two systems rolled into one. Praesideo offers freedom in system configuration, extraordinary simplicity in installation, real power for the user, and quality at all times.

Fully emergency compliant

The Praesideo fully meets the requirements of many of the world’s main standards for emergency sound systems, including voice alarm and evacuation.

Fully digital public address and emergency sound system

Working in the digital domain means better sound quality, unparalleled functionality and full programmability for virtually limitless possibilities. The use of optical fibre cabling ensures signal integrity and allows greater distances to be covered.

Networked for ultimate installation convenience

The Praesideo uses a network configuration, rather than having all system elements connected to a central controller. This daisy-chain topology gives real freedom in system design, because elements are simply hooked on to the network cabling wherever they are required. What’s more, by connecting the network ends together, a redundant loop is created, so a break in the cable does not affect operation.

Truly scalable

DSPs and control inputs/outputs are incorporated in virtually every element (node), so the system’s digital signal processing power and capabilities expands in tandem with the system itself.

Remote access

The Praesideo uses web-based technology to enable authorised users to access the system from any location. Praesideo is therefore possible to remotely (re-)configure the system from any PC, as well as carry out diagnostics and logging.

Easy to interface with external equipment

The Praesideo interconnects easily with many other brands and types of third-party systems and peripherals: from simple contact inputs/outputs right up to Internet. Systems for fire alarm, remote control, automatic announcements, plus passenger information displays, can all be interfaced.

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