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New Flexidome CCTV cameras released

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Bosch Security Systems has enhanced the performance of its Flexidome CCTV camera series with advanced 15-bit imaging technology. Already proven in the company’s DinionXF cameras, Bosch’s 15-bit technology exploits the full potential of advanced imaging chips. It also opens the way for a host of additional functions enabling the new dome cameras to meet the most demanding surveillance requirements and extending the range of applications in which dome cameras can be used.

Allowing for accurate grey-scale and color reproduction, Bosch’s 15-bit imaging technology generated considerable interest when it was introduced into the company’s Dinion fixed-camera series several years ago. Now, by incorporating the same technology into its new Flexidome series, Bosch has been able to address even more challenging areas, previously considered unsuitable for domes.

With their high 540 TV-line resolution, the new Flexidome cameras are capable of producing extremely sharp and detailed images. The cameras can also handle difficult lighting conditions thanks to a comprehensive set of advanced functions made possible by the 15-bit imaging technology. These include Auto Black to counteract the effects of fog or glare, NightSense to compensate for fading light, and backlight compensation to ensure clear images when viewing entrances. Top of the range models incorporate Bosch’s proprietary XF-Dynamic feature that dramatically broadens dynamic range to enable faithful reproduction of all details in both high- and low-lit areas of a scene. They also feature SensUp to maintain contrast and color clarity even in low light levels, and IR sensitive Day/Night for all-round 24-hour performance.

With their robust dome enclosures, Flexidome cameras can be installed in almost any location to provide reliable surveillance with pan, tilt and zoom functionality. The IP66 and NEMA-4X approved FlexiDomeXT+ is capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions. Flexidome cameras is also vandal proof, with a patented impact-resistant design to combat hostile attacks. The FlexiDomeXT+ enclosure also offers a choice of high-quality varifocal lenses, while its patented bubble shape and scratch-resistant coating with UV block assures optimal optical performance.

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