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BOSCH Security Systems has produced the Intellivox DDC (Digital Directivity Control) range of active line array loudspeakers.

The audio characteristics of each loudspeaker line array can be adjusted by means of software. This, along with the very long throw capability, means only a few loud-speakers are required for complete coverage of even the largest venues.

These active loud-speakers come with integrated class-D amplifiers so no additional external amplifiers are required, and the extensive integrated remote monitoring possibilities make Intellivox loudspeakers extremely reliable and a key element in voice evacuation systems.

Intellivox loudspeakers incorporate a feature known as Digital Directivity Control, which involves each individual loudspeaker driver in the line array being controlled by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This allows the loudspeaker output to be 'shaped' by means of software, so it matches the requirements of the venue.

It is possible, for instance, to tilt the sound downwards while the loudspeaker remains vertical. Sound can therefore be aimed more accurately at listeners. The opening angle can also be configured, so sound can be pinpointed very accurately to a distant listening area, or spread very widely over a nearby public.

By accurately adjusting the direction and angle of the sound, all relevant frequencies are present at nearly the same sound pressure level. This means the sound for listeners is not too loud at the front and not too quiet at the back. Intellivox loudspeakers produce extremely small side lobes, which give a much clearer even when close to the loudspeakers.

Software control of sound direction brings another significant advantage. The Intellivox loudspeakers do not have to be tilted for optimum coverage, and can therefore be mounted flat against a wall, or even in a recess (flush mounted). In this way they can be blended into any interior design.

The status of each loudspeaker can also be continuously monitored via an RS485 network. In certain environments, such as passenger terminals, the background noise level fluctuates constantly.

Intellivox loudspeakers have an external terminal for connecting a sensor that measures the ambient sound pressure level. This information is used by the autogain of the loudspeaker amplifiers to constantly adjust the loudspeaker output so it is always the same level above the ambient noise.

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