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Communication technology for CCTV cameras

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article image Complete control using only the video cable.

BOSCH Security Systems has released Bilinx bi-directional communication technology. It is designed for use with Bosch Dinion and AutoDome CCTV cameras.

It uses conventional CCTV co-ax, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and fiber optic video transmission links to communicate data to and from the camera. The system embeds control and configuration commands in the video signal enabling functions that used to require direct camera access or separate wiring. This is a significant advantage in installations where cameras are hard to reach or where operations would be interrupted by a service call.

Streamlined functions include AutoDome control, camera settings and adjustments, alarm and status messaging, and firmware updates.

Complete control of Bosch AutoDomes, including pre-position set and call-up and auxiliary commands, is achieved using only the video cable. Bilinx significantly reduces installation and service costs by eliminating one third of the wiring, and eliminates the need to manually set the camera address.

Users can download, store and upload settings into both Dinion cameras and AutoDomes without a service technician actually accessing the camera. Using the configuration tool connected anywhere along the video cable, all camera settings can be customised for the particular application, with direct feedback on the video monitor. Settings can also be stored and uploaded to additional cameras for faster setup or replacement. This is helpful when installing multiple cameras in the same system or standard multisite applications.

Camera generated video motion alarms are transmitted along with the video signal, eliminating the need for separate wiring from the camera. AutoDome with Bilinx allows signals from external sources, such as PIRs, door contacts or access control systems to be sent with the video signal. This simplifies the system while reducing installation costs.

When new features are added to Dinion Cameras or AutoDomes, Bilinx allows you to update the firmware in all cameras from a central point, eliminating the need to travel to and access each individual camera.

When upgrading existing CCTV systems, Dinion cameras or AutoDomes can be installed without additional wiring. With Bilinx, configuration and control over the co-ax ensure fast and simple installation and operation.

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