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Bosch’s building integration system available

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Bosch Security Systems has added numerous new capabilities to the powerful Building Integration System (BIS) with its three engine modules for automation, access and video. BIS now offers even faster configuration procedures and further enhanced performance and security. Additionally, the new BIS provides a higher level of integration for efficient control of building complexes.
New capabilities improve configuration speed, security and performance

  • High-level, fully integrated security platform
  • Multi-account administration for several divisions in a building
  • Customisable message distribution for more security

Configurable message distribution and new filter functions

The unique features of the new version including the logbook with new filter functions enable faster and more flexible searches, easier reporting, reduced archives and increased storage time. Message distribution and escalation can be customised, ensuring that messages are configured to easily acknowledge alarms. Video images from multiple subsystem sources are displayed in a common user interface, providing a harmonised overview to the operator. Multi-account administration allows optimal management of multiple areas within a building or industrial site, ensuring privacy and clear definition of operator roles. Audible notification of alarm situations has also been added, thus further helping the task of operators to quickly be alerted to alarms and identify alarm types.

BIS is acknowledged as one of the economical and scalable integrated building and enterprise management system available today. The new innovative capabilities in the individual Engines have been developed by Bosch to further benefit both the installer and the operator. Such innovations lead to faster reaction, simplified configuration and maintenance and higher levels of safety.

The Building Integration System is suitable for applications of many sizes and types. They include banks, airports, shopping malls, industrial sites, office complexes, residential buildings, museums, warehouses, utilities, medical facilities, schools and university campuses. Currently, Bosch has installed more than 350 BIS solutions in countries in Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

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