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Ball screw drive with driven nut

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article image STAR Ball Screw Drive with stationary screw and driven nut.

BOSCH Rexroth has added another highlight to its range of STAR Ball Screw Drives. Up to now, the solution has been to have a rotating screw, while the stationary nut performs the required feed movements. A concept that is universally applicable and widespread.

To enhance the system properties still further, Rexroth now offers an alternative: STAR Ball Screw Drives with stationary screw and driven nut.

The advantages of this design lie in the higher dynamics, since it is now possible to pass through the system's natural frequency without causing any unstable oscillation.

End bearings, which limit the service life, are no longer necessary. The screw can therefore be preloaded at a higher level, resulting in improved screw stiffness and temperature compensation.

With this concept, moreover, hollow drilling of the screw allows dissipation of heat through the cooling fluid.

Bosch Rexroth AG offers the driven nut as a pre-assembled system complete with toothed belt, timing belt side drive and ac servomotor from a single source.

If required, the driven nut and the screw can be purchased separately.

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