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Range of equipment management and logging services at Borehole Wireline

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Borehole Wireline  was formed in 2005 as a partnership between two well experienced professionals in the area of wireline logging. Borehole Wireline offers a range of services for efficient equipment management for the ground exploration industry throughout Australia.

Wireline logging involves remote data acquisition of a rock’s physical properties using electronic tools lowered and raised in exploration and also in mining boreholes on steel armoured cables. Borehole Wireline offers services that involve measurement of physical properties like electron density, natural gamma radiation, resistivity and conductivity. Borehole Wireline can also provide a full oriented acoustic or optical image of the borehole wall.

Major mining and exploration companies utilise the key geophysical data provided by Borehole Wireline that are highly essential for exploration, development and expansion. Borehole Wireline offers its services under three main domains namely wireline logging, image interpretation and data processing. Borehole Wireline has a well trained team of staff members with a diverse range of qualifications in such fields as geoscience, heavy diesel fitting and zoology.

Borehole Wireline offers quality service in effective equipment management for various applications like data collection, calibration and maintenance. Borehole Wireline also provides the best logging equipment utilising the latest in technology.

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