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Superannuation packages and lease programmes from Boost Salary Packaging

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Boost Salary Packaging  offers various superannuation packages under a programme called boostSuper. One can maximise his or her savings while minimising the income tax altogether using the additional contributions that are made by boostSuper to an approved fund from pre-tax dollars.

Boost Salary Packaging also facilitates the customers by giving them the option of choosing the preferred super fund that they want their contributions to be paid into. This is an easy process where customers are supposed to fill only a single page form furnishing their fund details.

They also have to mention the additional amount they would like to contribute. Boost Salary Packaging also understands the requirements of the customers and takes care of payments, reporting, administration and various other matters.

The vehicle packaging programme ‘boostDrive’, is one of the well-known salary packaging services provided by Boost Salary Packaging. This vehicle packaging programme also helps availing the extensive corporate discounts for maintenance, tyres, fuel and batteries.

A boost salary novated lease programme offered by Boost Salary Packaging, is a three way arrangement. This lease programme enables to finance a preferred vehicle. One can also package this vehicle through his or her employer who makes all the payments on behalf of the employee for the lease. The employer can later deduct the required payment from the pre-tax salary of the employee. boostDrive also offers various financial benefits and cost savings to the customers.

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