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Payments cards and packaging equipment from Boost Salary Packaging

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Boost Salary Packaging  provides cost effective and flexible packaging services for handheld computers, mobile phones and notebook computers. Boost Salary Packaging is a partner with many information technology resellers and provides various efficient equipment that are designed on recent technology and techniques.

The packaging equipment offered by Boost Salary Packaging enable to pay for various types of goods in pre-tax dollars. Boost Salary Packaging also has a wide network of resellers who stock the entire range of packaging equipment. One can choose the equipment of his or her choice at Boost Salary Packaging.

Boost Salary Packaging also provides payment cards under the category of boostBistro. boostBistro provides employees the facility to make purchases and swipe the boostbistro payment cards. The pre-tax cost of the meals gets deducted from the employee’s boost salary account. This boost salary account is credited every month using employee’s pre-tax income. Thus, these payment cards facilitate the whole process of payment.

Boost Salary Packaging has also introduced a package calculator on its website where complete details regarding tax, superannuation and packaged vehicles are provided. This helps customers to understand their requirements and generalise the type of package, they need.

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