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Boomerang Tapes  provides quality labels to the customers. The safety labels, provided by Boomerang Tapes, are approved as per the standards of Dangerous Goods Act. These safety labels are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, ageing, heat and various other chemicals. The safety labels are waterproof and highly tack adhesive labels.

The Styrene Box Labels are also provided by Boomerang Tapes. These Styrene Box Labels are suitable for styrene boxes that are extensively used by various vegetable and fruit growers. These Styrene Box Labels can be removed easily and comfortably.

Boomerang Tapes offers Product Promotion Labels under the category of ‘Houseware’. The Product Promotion Labels, provided by Boomerang Tapes, are quality and glossy labels.

The Warning labels are also extensively offered by Boomerang Tapes. These Warning Labels come printed with various messages such as Urgent, Fragile, Security, Damages, Bonus Offer, Repack and many more. This enables viewers to understand the types of labeled goods.

Boomerang Tapes’ Destination Labels are provided with no backing paper which means that rolls never unravel. This also eliminates paper wastage or mess in factory and warehouse. The Address Labels, offered by Boomerang Tapes, are also high in demand. One can write on these Address Labels with solvent ink markers.

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