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Adhesive tapes from Boomerang Tapes

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Boomerang Tapes  is a pioneer in providing quality adhesive tapes and labels. The adhesive tapes, provided by Boomerang Tapes, are well-known because of their quality and reliability. Boomerang Tapes has gained around fourty three years of experience in providing quality adhesive tapes and labels to the customers.

These adhesive tapes and labels are sued for various applications. Boomerang Tapes has an efficient and certified quality management system. Boomerang Tapes specialises in manufacturing labels and printed tapes. Boomerang Tapes also represents a SOCO system, which is engaged into carton sealing and packaging machinery.

Various types of easy cut stationery tapes are available at Boomerang Tapes. The polypropylene machine tapes that are ideal for automatic carton sealing can also be obtained at Boomerang Tapes. An entire range of, twenty four millimetres, thirty six millimetres or fourty eight millimetres wide brown and clear packaging tapes, is also available at Boomerang Tapes.

The waterproof cloth tapes that can seal the heavy-duty polyethylene, book binding and gaffer tapes are also provided by Boomerang Tapes. These tapes are available in various beautiful colours. The PVC duct tape, offered by Boomerang Tapes, can seal and join heavy gauge polythene. The PVC duct tape can also form a permanent seal on various air-conditioning ducts.

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