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article image One of the upgraded feed drives.

ELECTRIC Motor and Geared Sales (EMGS) has designed and installed several upgraded flour feed drives for Rinoldi Pasta incorporating two of the latest products from Bonfiglioli - its high-torque W series worm drive and its VBF 1000 variators.

"It is a good example of a typical case of versatile technology saving a substantial amount of money through practical engineering," EMGS managing director Graeme Hill said.

"The problem was that when the existing motors were required to run at lower speeds, they were prone to run out of the torque required to do the job.

“Providing adequate torque across a wide range of speeds is a fairly typical challenge in the food processing industry, where machinery has to adapt quickly and reliably to changed input demands."

Part of the solution to Rinoldi's problem was to reduce the speed of the output, which Mr Hill said was made easier because the original equipment supplied to Rinoldi from Italy included Bonfiglioli's W series gearboxes, which are designed to be highly adaptable.

Mounting versatility, for example, was enhanced by the W units having five machined sides to offer maximum versatility for universal mounting, while a new motor spline adaptor permitted easier and quicker motor changes where these were required.

In Rinoldi's case, EMGS was able to retain the existing 750W motors by complementing them with Bonfiglioli VBF 1000 variators, which are part of a Bonfiglioli range of mechanical variators that offer a convenient speed control technology for many applications where versatility and ease of maintenance are essential.

Because they utilise a submerged oil planetary system with an adjustable ring that is in a sealed unit, the variators can be used where other systems such as belts or electronic speed controls may be inappropriate.

To service these applications, Bonfiglioli's expanded range of mechanical variators offer stepless speed reductions down to 6.5:1, with the ratio simply altered by means of an externally mounted handle. This system allows particular ease of use and minimal installation.

"Because the technology could be slotted in readily to existing equipment, we were able to solve the problem without major disruption and expense,” Mr Hill said.

The multipurpose W series - now available in models from 190-1,000Nm - complements the broader Bonfiglioli Australia gearbox range extending from specialised compact units up to massive drives with outputs of 500,000 Nm.

Mr Hill says the new W gearboxes improve on Bonfiglioli worm gearboxes that were already market leaders, with the W series' higher torque ratings and enhanced thermal ratings permitting more compact units to be selected for many applications.

Ease of installation and replacement is further enhanced by the W series being dimensionally interchangeable with Bonfiglioli's popular VF/A and VF/V styles, using simple bolt-on KA and KV kits.

Hygiene of the W series is enhanced by through-holes in the casing, which minimise water entrapment, facilitating hosedown cleaning for applications such as food processing, materials handling and packaging. Bonfiglioli Transmission 02 8748 4400.

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