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Variators that thrive in harsh environments

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article image Bonfiglioli VBG variator.

BONFIGLIOLI is introducing new ranges of planetary speed variators for control of industrial power transmissions in rugged environments and where maximum durability and simple operation are required.

Bonfiglioli's VBG and VBA series of mechanical variators are suitable for variable speed applications such as pumping or mixing and in environments such as exposed weather, hazardous chemical and for very dusty or high humidity conditions.

To service these applications, Bonfiglioli's expanded range of mechanical variators offers stepless speed reductions down to 6.5:1, with the ratio simply altered by means of an externally mounted handle.

The Bonfiglioli VBG series of variators are of cast iron construction and include seven sizes ranging from 0.2 kW to 11 kW in capacity.

The VBA series, which offers three sizes in the 0.12 - 1.5kW power range, has aluminium housing and external fins that ensure effective heat dispersion during operation.

Features of both series include:

· Space-saving planetary gears and high-efficiency rolling races that are machined to very high tolerances so that smooth, quiet running is guaranteed.

· Gearing systems made from special steel that run submerged in lubricant, which means that wear is virtually non-existent.

· The ability to be used in applications where overloads are likely to occur.

· Availability in a broad range of designs, suiting any type of support.

Unlike many modern variable speed drives, the VB series is actually a torque increaser. This allows the system designer confidence in that the required torque will be delivered though the entire speed range.

Bonfiglioli also offers a differential style unit with the VBG range. This unit allows operation down to 0rpm whilst maintaining full torque and offers substantial savings when compared to closed loop ac or field wound dc drives.

An input adaptor is available to fit the mechanical variators to standard IEC motors of the B5 type.

All Bonfiglioli variators support a wide range of optional accessories, such as gravity speed indicators, servo controls, proximity sensors, digital scanners and encoders. These accessories further enhance the versatility of the variators and enable use in more applications. Bonfiglioli Transmission 02 8748 4400.

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