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Software for VVVF drives

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article image Plug-in module and a standard RS232 serial connection.

BONFIGLIOLI Transmission has released the V-Plus software suite, designed to save time and increase production flexibility by facilitating programming and monitoring of VVVF drives. These drives are used on applications such as feeders, conveyors, pumps, mixers and thickeners.

The software runs on Windows-based PCs. It is used with a relatively inexpensive plug-in module and a standard RS232 serial connection to the PC. The software makes the setup and commissioning of the VVVF drives quicker and simpler than using normal code/parameter-based setup options. Instead of having to know numeric codes, users can now see in simple English what parameters control what functions.

The flexibility of the VVVF drives is enhanced by the V-Plus software's ability to display all the value menus on one simple screen in English instead of numeric codes. The value menus show the operating condition and performance of the motor.

Bonfiglioli can write a programme to set up and commission a drive, then email the file for the customer to upload to the inverter. Benefits to the customer include immediate availability of technical support to maximise the benefit of their equipment.

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