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Scrimtec plant selects Bonfiglioli’s Trasmital 300 series planetary gearboxes

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A compact but powerful type of gearbox achieving widespread use in Australian industrial applications has now been selected for use in a groundbreaking processed timber plant in the US.

Trasmital 300 series planetary gearboxes from Bonfiglioli will be used in the new Loblolly Industries Scrimtec plant in Mississippi, which uses new technology to break down immature pine trees and process them back into engineered wood.

“The features of the 300 series Planetary Gearbox made it the perfect choice for this new plant”, says Mr Al McInvale, of Mid-South Engineering Co.

“We really like the fact that the 300 Series Planetary comes standard with ductile iron housings and heavy-duty bearings. These features have proven to be very important when handling our wide range of load applications,” said Mr McInvale, whose company is involved in the production engineering of the 37,000 sq m (400,000 sq ft) plant scheduled to open next year.

Scrimtec is promoted as the first and only structural engineered beam product made from pine plantation thinnings.

US officials say they believe it's a product that could transform the construction industry, in a time when much wood is needed to rebuild the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

The 100 per cent modular Trasmital 300 multipurpose planetary gearboxes used to process the engineered wood are remarkable for the amount of torque they can produce out of a compact installation.

Available in 16 basic sizes, they achieve output torque up to 540,000Nm and transmissible power up to 450kW. (Correct spelling: Trasmital, no “n”). Multiple stage Trasmitals can produced up to a 1,000,000 Nm.

The 300 series planetary drives specified by Mid-South Engineering incorporate features useful to primary and industrial processing applications globally, including:

  • NEMA and SAE motor adapters
  • Right angle and inline configurations
  • Six output configurations, including shaft mount
  • Ratios from 3.4:1 to 5,000:1

The Managing Director of Bonfiglioli Transmission, Mr Malcolm Lewis, says the Scrimtec application illustrates the versatility of Trasmital drives for Australian applications, where they have been employed in applications as diverse as the timber industry, mining, manufacturing, and food, beverage and water processing.

“Trasmital 300 series gearboxes are especially suitable for applications requiring high reduction ratios, high transmissible torque and high radial loads on output shafts. Their construction makes them particularly suited to heavy duty applications involving variable work cycles and both intermittent and continuous operation, he says.

The gearboxes can also be readily coupled with different types of motors and combined with different types of industrial drives to achieve an ideal combination of characteristics for particular jobs (for example, they can be readily combined with the new Bonfiglioli C1, A and F helical gearboxes).

The 300 series can also be combined into multiple planetary gearbox combinations with peak torque outputs of more than a million Newton metres.

These multi-stage Trasmital planetary gearboxes can be specified and assembled in Australia following Bonfiglioli’s investment of more than $16 million in new design and production facilities and stock levels at its new Australian headquarters and through its New Zealand partner Saeco.

“We can now specify and assemble five and six stage Trasmital drives to individual applications, with design enhanced by our Mosaico online technology and our new Drives Service Centre (DSC) introduced recently as part of the large expansion ever of Bonfiglioli’s service facilities in Australasia,” said Mr Lewis.

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