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Powerful new planetary mixer drive

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article image Bonfiglioli's Series 500 planetary drive.

THE latest versions of a compact, powerful and rugged planetary hydraulic drive for truck mixers of 1-12 cubic metres capacity has been released in Australasia by Bonfiglioli Transmission .

Bonfiglioli's 500 Series planetary drives, available in torque ratings from 3000Nm to 75,000Nm, enhance durability by featuring a main bearing design that allows for chassis bending while travelling.

The new Series 500 - a totally new design from the ground up, delivering enormous life spans - supports load transmitted through the drum, enhancing durability and serviceability when transporting concrete, and other mixer-transported products.

"The new series is also well designed for Australian conditions requiring dry batch mixing," Bonfiglioli general manager Malcolm Lewis said.

The new 575L, 577L and 580L mixer drives further expand Bonfiglioli's Australasian range of planetary gearboxes, which the company says are outstanding for the amount of torque they can produce out of a compact gearbox assembly.

The Series 500 complements the 100 per cent modular Trasmital 300 series of multipurpose planetary gearboxes, which are available in 16 basic sizes, with output torque up to 540,000Nm and transmissible power up to 450kW.

Features include:

* Large main bearing with wide contact angle that offers high rigidity and capacity to bear thrust and radial loads generated from the drum. The high-strength main bearing features an inside diameter of 200mm, outside diameter of 300m and length of 118mm. It is an angular contact ball bearing with two rows of 27 balls, each 24.4mm. The external ring is spherical to allow the output flange to oscillate.

* Tilting output flange (allowing for bending of chassis during travelling) that is external to the main bearing and connected to the gear case through a spherical coupling. In addition to the durability of this patented arrangement, the drives' final assemblies are extremely robust and dependable.

* Torque transmission via a crowned, twin-spline shaft connecting gearing to a rotating output flange. Total tilting angle of the output flange is equally shared by each spline gear, with the reduced angle producing increased operational lifespan.

* Planetary gears of two or three reduction stages, depending on model. The gears are designed to offer absolute reliability in operation, even under the severest duties, for the lifetime of the truck mixer.

* Hydraulic motor mounting pattern to SAE J744C standard.

* Power take-off for water pump on right or left side.

* Optional pickup for speed sensing.

* Same mounting pattern onto truck frame, drum and water tank for maximum standardisation.

Mr Lewis says the new 500 series benefit from design and production using the most advanced technologies available. They were developed entirely on Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) 3D to produce solid models of both single component parts and the complete drive unit.

Major components, including safety features, underwent Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis for optimisation of geometry and stress conditioning.

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