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Planetary gearbox combinations with peak torque outputs from Bonfiglioli

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New planetary gearbox combinations with peak torque outputs of more than a million Newton metres are now available throughout Australasia from Bonfiglioli Transmission (Australia).

The multi-stage Trasmital planetary gearboxes can be specified and assembled in Australia following Bonfiglioli’s investment of more than $16 million in new design and production facilities and stock levels at its new Australian headquarters and through its New Zealand partner Motion Industries. 

According to Bonfiglioli, it can now specify and assemble five and six stage Trasmital drives to individual applications, with design enhanced by Mosaico online technology and new drives service centre (DSC) introduced recently as part of the largest expansion ever of Bonfiglioli’s service facilities in Australasia

Expansion of the transmittal range follows demand from heavy industry for compact but extraordinarily powerful and reliable gearboxes for applications such as thickening in the mining industry, where peak outputs of more than 1,000,000 Nm may be required for brief periods up to 30 seconds. Gearboxes specified for such tasks may have IEC input ratings as high as 14,000:1 with .1 rpm outputs. Gearboxes can be fitted with mechanical and electrical overload protection to enhance reliability, using load cells built into the design to help ensure failsafe operation. 

The combinations designed for high intermittent load are complemented by Trasmital combinations designed for continuous outputs of more than 540,000 Nm, such as belt and filter presses and belt loaders, says Mr Samson.

Combinations can also be engineered using planetary and other drive configurations, such as the new HDP parallel shaft and HDO bevel helical units in sizes up to 72,000 Nm. These drives, which complement the Trasmital series, are the result of more than three years development to produce outstanding reliability and torque densities to record values.

Trasmital combination drives have been one of the outstanding success stories of recent times, with uses extending from major processing operations in the water and primary industry sectors to some of the biggest resources projects in the Asia Pacific, including the Goro project in New Caledonia and the Ravensthorpe project in Australia.

The expanded capabilities drives service centre will extend this success, because now Bonfiglioli can tailor drives even more closely to the needs of individual projects and accelerate the design to produce faster deliveries. With the number and speed of engineering projects developing today, this is a major advantage. 

The 100 per cent modular Trasmital 300 series of multipurpose planetary gearboxes is available in 16 basic sizes, with individual output torque up to 540,000Nm and transmissible power up to 450kW. Trasmital 300 series gearboxes are especially suitable for applications requiring high reduction ratios, high transmissible torque and high radial loads on output shafts. Uses in Australia have ranged from mining, manufacturing and waste water through to a drive system that rolls forward 500-tonne sections of seating at Stadium Australia in Sydney to give patrons a better view of events such as the Rugby League State of Origin, Rugby Union Tests and soccer matches.

The Trasmital 300 series is used for many static industrial plant applications, including conveyor feeders, pumps, mixers, stirrers, and settling pond thickeners, for example. The series also has some applications in mobile plant, including cranes, drilling rig and drives for hoists and luff and slew equipment. Heavy duty industrial uses include steel mills; mining equipment; quarry equipment; woodworking, pulp and paper; chemical industries; rubber and plastic processing; food processing; materials handling and transport; and water treatment.

Planetary gear units have distinct advantages over traditional helical and parallel axis gear units in many applications, offering high performance generally and enhanced performance, particularly in terms of torque transmitted per unit of weight and size. These advantages are even greater when the reduction ratio is increased, and they translate into an economical purchase price and installation.

Trasmital Planetary Advantages

The Trasmital series’ flexibility allows the gear units to be coupled with a wide range of electric motors and many types of hydraulic motors and mechanical transmissions (at Stadium Australia, for example, they were coupled with a 1.1kw four-pole electric brake motor driving a Bonfiglioli A series helical bevel gearbox in a 105kg combination providing high torque within a restricted space).

Trasmitals’ compactness results from their planetary construction, which dispenses with the traditional arrangement of a pinion driving one large gear on a parallel shaft. Instead, the planetary gearbox surrounds the pinion (called a “sun gear”) with three or more smaller planetary gears mounted in a planetary carrier.

Modular construction of the Trasmital 300 series permits simple, quick assembly to customer requirements. Major sub-assemblies can be pre-assembled, including planetary reductions, outputs with shafts and bearings, motor adaptors and input shafts.

From one to six reduction stages can be incorporated into the 300 series planetary gearboxes, delivering progressively larger amounts of torque without the penalty of greatly increased size.

Additional advantages of the Trasmital planetary system include:

Increased equipment reliability, and higher radial loads permissible on the gearbox’s output shaft.  Reliability and radial load capacity benefit because the shaft itself is not carrying any radial loads induced by the gears themselves (unlike parallel shaft systems). Benefits of reduced radial loads include extended bearing life, a critical component of machinery reliability. Reduced radial loads within the gearbox also permit it to tolerate higher radial loads from the equipment it is driving.

Suitability for shaft mounting. Benefits of shaft mounting include elimination of the cost and complexity of couplings and elimination of the time and labour involved in ensuring correct alignment of the gearbox and the plant it is driving. Direct drive through shaft mounting also avoids radial loads imposed by chain drives. 

High reduction ratios. These can be achieved because of the inherent efficiency of the planetary design and because multiple planetary reduction stages can be added easily. Compared with a parallel shaft arrangement, a planetary gearbox can often achieve the same ratio with one fewer reduction stage, with cost and dimension savings.

Availability in many versions. These include: in-line with one or more reduction stages to get a wide range of ratios; right angle with a Gleason bevel pair at the input; or right angle with a helical bevel or worm reducer at the input to get very high reduction ratios. Versions include foot mounting and flange mounting, in addition to shaft mounting with shrink disc. Output shafts can be keyed, splined, hollow splined, or hollow shaft for shaft mounting with shrink discs.

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