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New generation helical in-line gear units

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article image Bonfiglioli C series helical gear unit.

BONFIGLIOLI's new generation of C1 helical in-line gear units and gearmotors has been expanded with the addition of four new large sizes to complete the Australian and New Zealand ranges.

The new C35, C41, C51 and C61 frame sizes of the compact and energy-saving C1 series offer 30 per cent more gear ratios than their predecessors and an average of 40 per cent more torque.

The versatility of the low-noise, high efficiency C1 series makes it ideal for use in conveyors, cranes, mixers, rotary valves, pumps, winches elevators and special purpose-built equipment, says Bonfiglioli Transmission general manager Malcolm Lewis.

Now available in 11 key torque classes from 50-12,000Nm, the C1 series suits a wide range of applications.

"The new C1 series' additional gear ratios - which are well spaced and with a finer progression - allow for almost any speed requirements to be met," Lewis says.

"Torque and bearing upgrades also result in an improvement in value for users when considering the cost of Nm delivered to the shaft."

The new C1s substantially increase the performance of each frame size while increasing the ratio density for all standard units and reducing overall length.

Improvements to the C1s result in great flexibility of installation at both the drive and non-drive ends, with features including:

* Flanged versions that allow the choice up to three different bolt-on flanges, all IEC normalised.

* Metric and Imperial sold output shafts.

* Wide choice of electric motors. These can be either integral compact or IEC flanged type. Both can be inverter driven and can be complemented with a safety brake (either ac or dc type).

* Adaptors that accommodate NEMA-type motors.

The latest C series exploits the modularity and parts commonality of Bonfiglioli's A, C, F, S and W products.

“High modularity and commonality means gearboxes can be more quickly tailored to individual applications, precision assembled locally and delivered to precise user specifications,” says Lewis.

Delivery times for the new C1 series will be minimised by purpose-built PLC-controlled assembly and test machines at Bonfiglioli's Australasian headquarters in Sydney, which supports the national distribution network encompassing Australia and New Zealand.

"The latest C1 series sets world quality standards by combining durable but lightweight construction with the strength and reliability of nickel chrome steel gearing and heavy duty bearings which are capable of carrying very high radial and axial loads," says Lewis.

The uncluttered lines of C1 series gearmotor housings are easy to clean and well suited to industries such as food and materials processing in which machinery needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain safe and hygienic working conditions.

Compact design and highly efficient gears enable the C1 Series to produce significant energy savings. These are particularly significant with larger motors.

Precision design and manufacture of the C1 Series' helical gears also enable it to set new standards in low noise output.

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