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New generation SPL vector drives

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article image Includes inbuilt PLC functionality.

BONFIGLIOLI Transmission (Aust) Pty Ltd has introduced a new generation of frequency inverters featuring PLC control for simplicity and precision in medium level industrial drives applications up to 11kW.

The state-of-the-art Synplus SPL 200 and SPL400 series of Sensorless vector drives complement the company's broader range of VVVF drives range designed to radically enhance process control and facilitate the ongoing introduction of mechatronic drives technology.

The new drives are designed for a broad range of applications involving food and beverage processing, manufacturing, materials handling (including cranes and hoists), metalworking, primary product processing, air movement and water including waste water treatment.

The SPL series features a simple ‘plain text’ user interface that allows commissioning, programming and system monitoring right from the inbuilt display without having to refer to complex parameter menus.

Simplicity of operation is enhanced by high-end features, in the form of 150% over-torque capacity from as low as 1Hz motor speed. The precisely regulated over-torque capacity permits the drive to handle high inertia initial loads without permitting excessive current draws that could both increase energy bills and potentially damage the driven machine.

SPL series also give precise speed regulation - as close as 0.5% per setting - delivered from its Flux Vector mode.

Features include:

* Ratings and selection with 150% overload for 60s (200% for 1s) based on 8kHz Pulse Width Modulation for general purpose constant torque applications

* Plug and Run - quick and easy guided commissioning and setup with Bonfiglioli Electro Mechanical Products

* Can be used with Bonfiglioli Drive Link software for programming and storing macros, as well as monitoring and setup using drive monitor function all in a simple Windows-based GUI.

* Inbuilt PLC functionality with freely configurable timers, comparators and step logic module to control process applications

* Modular extendibility from the freely available communication, mounting and I/O expansion modules.

* Matched performance figures when used in conjunction with Bonfiglioli mechanical gearmotors for maximum precision.

Bonfiglioli's Market Development Manager, Electronic Automated Division (EAD), Sean Richardson said the new frequency inverter is suitable as either a stand-alone product or for use in combination with additional machines.

“Used as a sensorless vector or U/f-frequency inverter, its performance is greater than that of a simple frequency inverter,” he said.

“The built-in communication possibilities using Modbus and the ProfiBus and DeviceNet interface options testify to its high standards.”

Bonfiglioli's latest VVVF technology complements the broad range of advanced industrial drive technology the company has introduced to Australia and New Zealand, including the compact Trasmital planetary series, the C1, A and F helical gearboxes, new W worm series and a broad range of clutch-brake units and electric brake motors.

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