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New drives enhance corrosion resistance

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article image A new EP W series drive from Bonfiglioli.

NEW versions of Bonfiglioli's W and VF series worm gearboxes have been released featuring enhanced hygiene and corrosion resistance specifications for food, beverage and liquid handling applications.

Manufactured for optimum oil-tightness and ease of washdown of exterior surfaces, the units are designed for installation in close proximity to production and packing processes without the need for screening by cabinets or guards.

Constructed with extensive use of stainless steel for food and liquid contact areas, the EP (Enhanced Protection) W Series and smaller VF series feature a double two-part epoxy coating with a total thickness of 200μm for enhanced abrasion and corrosion resistance.

The two-part coating - comprising primer and chrome-free and lead-free finish applied to gearbox or motor and gearbox as required - is formulated to the highest international standards for incidental food contact.

Besides resisting the corrosion of most acid and alkaline substances, the protection is well suited for use with chemical detergents commonly in use.

In accordance with ISO 9223, the coating is also suitable for the most aggressive environments, being classified C5 in the corrosivity scale.

The multipurpose W series of gearboxes - available in models from 190-1000Nm - complements the Bonfiglioli VF worm gearbox range, offering higher torque ratings and enhanced thermal ratings permitting more compact units to be selected for many applications.

All units of the W-EP and VF-EP range feature:

Stainless steel hollow shaft (AISI 316).

Stainless steel nameplate and most mounting hardware.

Oil seals with stainless steel inner spring.

Unvented plugs for oil tightness and prevention of lubricant contamination.

Button plugs for unused mounting holes.

Three identification colours in accordance with RAL coding, RAL 9010 (white), 5010 (blue) and 9006 (light grey).

Motors from 0.12 to 4kW, in compact and IEC types, with two, four and six poles.

Optional PX oil seals are offered for arduous environments where frequent washdowns occur, often with high-pressure hot water and sanitising agents.

The drives can be factory-filled with food-grade synthetic lubricant (classified UH1 by the USDA) which not only extends the application range from temperatures of -25°C to 150°C, but also does not require periodical oil changes.

All W series drives feature enhanced mounting versatility through having five machined sides, while a new motor spline adaptor permits easier and quicker motor changes.

Ease of installation and replacement is further enhanced by the W series being dimensionally interchangeable with Bonfiglioli's popular VF/A and VF/V styles, using simple bolt-on KA and KV kits.

Hygiene of the W series is enhanced by through-holes in the casing, which minimise water entrapment, facilitating hosedown cleaning for applications such as food processing, materials handling and packaging.

W series also has relatively clean lines for a worm reducer, minimising entrapment of food and other particles. Bonfiglioli Transmission 02 9748 8955.

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