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Karreman Quarries uses Bonfiglioli’s HDO conveyor drives

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A total of 72 bevel helical geared motors especially suited to demanding materials handling tasks are being supplied by Bonfiglioli Transmission to Brisbane’s supplier of road base products, Karreman Quarries.

The drives, in sizes from A50 to HDO130 (5.5 kW to 110 kW) include the new HDO bevel helical units that are the result of more than three years development. They produce good reliability and torque densities to record values.

The new drives which will be used by Karreman Quarries to power conveyors feature good torque distribution across their entire ratio range, with gear ratios laid out in close progression and the drives having a rugged capacity to cope with the shock and impact of intermittent loads.

This new order from Karremans will be integral to their expansion in the Brisbane and South East Queensland regions, which are among Australia’s fast growing regions.

Karreman Quarries is currently quarrying two million tonnes of road base, aggregate and rock each year, supplying major customers such as Queensland main roads and the Brisbane port authority.

Good research and development has gone into producing the new HDP parallel shaft and HDO bevel helical units in sizes up to 72,000 Nm. Finite element analysis and multi body simulations were used to identify the stress pattern on each of the main components and to optimise the design for:

  • System structural stiffness
  • Gear geometry
  • Shaft deflection
  • Extended gear and bearing lifetime

Reliability is enhanced by a high radial load capacity, with 100% heavy duty bearings and by reduced vibration and noise levels achieved by gears that are entirely ground-finished.

Units up to size 120 (35,000 Nm) feature rigid monoblock housings while larger units feature a horizontally split housing.

The A series bevel helical gearboxes ordered by Karreman Quarries are part of a range with drives so compact and versatile that one unit can be used in applications traditionally requiring two gear units combined.

The highly durable Bonfiglioli A series, now available in 12 sizes from 0.9-55Kw and 150Nm-14000Nm torque achieves its versatility by having a ratio range up to 1700:1 in a single gearbox, with four reduction stages.

Introduction of Bonfiglioli’s new drives follows the large expansion of Bonfiglioli range and service facilities in Australasia.

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