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Integrated inverters from Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust)

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Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust)  provide the LMD series integrated inverters, an integration between motor and inverter that feature powerful and efficient algorithms in robust IP66 casings.

The LMD series integrated inverters feature versatile control with a wide range of field buses and an intuitive and flexible interface.

Features of the LMD series integrated inverters include:

  • Power range - 0/37 - 3.0 kW 3-Phase 380 - 480V (±10%) / 47~63 Hz
  • Type of control - V/f flux current control
  • Overload capacity - 2 ~16 kHz
  • Enclosure - IP66
  • EMC filter - standard built in Level A1 (EN61800-3-A11), opt. Built in Level B
  • Main hardware features - 1 analog Input 0-10V (0/4-20mA with external 500 ohm resistor)
    • 3 (+1) Digital Input (programmable multifunction)
    • 1 Relay output (programmable multifunction)Integrated PID controller
    • Standard integrated poti on board and RS-232 serial interface
    • Jumper selection on board: functions and ramps
    • Optional profibus, DeviceNet, AS-i interface modules
    • Optional brake-motor control module
    • Optional braking resistor and chopper module
  • Keypad - connectable basic operator panel and advanced operator panel
  • Main functions - Motopotentiometer UP/DOWN control
    • Multipoint V/f characteristic
    • I2t and PTC motor temperature monitoring
    • Momentary power loss and stall prevention
    • VDC-max controller
    • Compound braking function
    • DC braking injection
    • JOG frequency
    • Selectable auto-restart
    • Selectable stop method
    • Automatic alarm reset and history
    • Protections: inverter overtemperature, output short-circuit, grounding fault, overvoltage, overcurrent
    • BICO technology

Bonfiglioli Transmissions' LMD series integrated inverters are fully-featured to provide optimum service and performance for clients. For a comprehensive and technically sophisticated product, the LMD series integrated inverters are a clear choice.

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