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Hi -Torque drives from Bonfiglioli Transmission

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Some drives engineered in Australasia by Bonfiglioli Transmission are featured in the company’s range of HD Hi-Torque drives in capacities up to 1155kW and 1,195,000 Nm of torque. With ratios from 23:1 up to 5000:1, the drives combine new generation HD helical drives now being assembled in Australia with Bonfiglioli’s compact and widely used Trasmital planetary drives.

Features of the hi-torque drives include:

  • Hi-Torque combination drives produce very high power transmission efficiencies
  • The hi-torque combination drives feature fully hardened and ground alloy helical gears
  • High-strength planetary spur gears are also featured on the hi-torque combination drives
  • Reducers that provide up to 91 per cent efficiency in four-stage form
  • The design of the hi-torque combination drives also offer reduced noise emissions
  • Increased thermal capacities
  • Numerous mounting and shaft options are available with the hi-torque combination drives

The Managing Director of Bonfiglioli Transmission, Mr Malcolm Lewis, says that the integration of the two high efficiency drives produces an outstanding combination drive for uses such as:
  • Feeder drives, including forestry and primary industry
  • Materials handling, including conveyor drives, belt feeders, apron feeders and screw feeders
  • Minerals processing, including thickeners and clarifiers
  • Cranes, hoists winches and mobile machines including stacker/reclaimers and travel and slew drives
  • Pumps and fans
  • Water treatment, including agitators, stirrers and mixers
“By combining two drives, it is possible to achieve the optimal ratio for individual customer applications,” says Mr Lewis. “This flexibility – combined with comprehensive in-house engineering, assembly and quality testing – means we can deliver exactly what the customer needs and at the time they need it,” said Mr Lewis.  “When you couple a helical bevel with a planetary unit, the combination gearbox can transmit very high torques with large motor powers at output speeds normally associated with materials handling. The unique planetary design also allows for even torque transmission, with force distributed evenly though the gear cases,” said Mr Lewis.

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