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HDP parallel shaft and HDO bevel helical series from Bonfiglioli Transmission

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Investment in research and development has paid off for Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) with the success of its heavy duty HDP parallel shaft and HDO bevel helical series.

The drives’ development programme culminated with their launch of the smaller sizes internationally in 2005. Five new sizes were added, a year later, to fulfil the needs of industrial applications demanding torque ratings of up to 72,000Nm.

For 2008, two new sizes soon to be released will bring the torque capacity of the range up to 140,000 Nm.

Drives requiring this sort of torque are commonly used in mining, materials handling and many other processing industries.

The drives offer high performance and also trouble-free performance in arduous conditions. Bonfiglioli Transmission (Aust) offers an extended working life and reduced overall product costs for its drives.

The concept behind these heavy duty units has been successfully brought to fruition through the use of high performance materials, carefully selected thermal treatments and modern design techniques.

Extensive use was made of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) throughout the design process, as well as MBS (Multi-Body Simulations) to ascertain the dynamic effects of stress transmitted between the various components of the gearbox. The result is enhanced structural rigidity and gear geometry for optimised load capacity and gear and bearing life.

Noise emissions and vibrations too, have been kept to a minimum by using structural simulations based on BEM (Boundary Element Method) analysis.

Finite Element Analysis and Multi Body Simulations were conducted in order to identify the stress pattern on each of the main components and to optimise the design for:

  • System structural stiffness
  • Gear geometry
  • Shaft deflection
  • Extended gear and bearing lifetime

The Boundary Element Method was used to reduce the noise emissions through the identification of all the direct and indirect vibration sources of the gear unit in actual operating conditions.

Reliability is enhanced by a high radial load capacity, with 100% heavy duty bearings, and by reduced vibration and noise levels achieved by gears that are entirely ground-finished.

Input shafts are supported by robust taper roller bearings. They may be coplanar, sitting 90 degrees apart, for optional mounting positions, or allow both a main and pony drive to be fitted.

New generation heavy duty roller bearings are used to withstand the forces generated internally and applied externally. Accurate proportioning of the shafts allows for lifetime balance of each axis.

Gears of optimised geometry and profile (entirely ground finished to quality class DIN 6) feature high load capacity, extended lifetime and reduced noise in operation.

Output shafts are robustly fabricated from hardened and tempered alloy steel. Shafts may be requested as keyed hollow, solid or as hollow with shrink disc coupling for ease of mounting and dismantling. Large covers allow inspection of gears at any time.

The drives’ versatility in service is enhanced by numerous mounting options suitable to their typical applications, such as materials handling (inc belt, apron, bucket, screw and chain conveyors), manufacturing, mining, quarrying and minerals processing, rural and food product processing, paper, pumps, steel, sugar, timber, wrapping and stacking applications, and water and waste water treatment.

The drives’ multi machined surfaces and symmetrical design allows them to be used in either left or right hand configuration.

Local Australian assembly of sizes 100 to 140 will commence later in 2008. This will enhance the Bonfiglioli Transmission’s commitment to service by the ability to service customer orders locally on gear reducers that traditionally take up to 20 weeks to come from Europe.

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